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  • BFT E5 BT A12 Single Kit
  • The E5 BT A is an extremely compact non-locking 24V electromechanical operator with articulated arm for pedestrian swing gates
  • Suitable for residential and commercial areas.
  • The compact dimensions allow the E5 BT A to be installed on small pillars and columns (minimum required width 8cm).
  • The sliding arm option allows the operator to be installed in tight spaces when there are walls or obstacles near the operator.
  • The limit switch operation is managed by the absolute encoder.
  • There are two models available: E5 BT A12: for pedestrian gates and E5 BT A18: for vehicle gates
  • Built-in safety features include the d-track torque management system, which determines the precise position and force needed to move the gate.
  • The operator has an internal clutch and the new articulated and sliding arms have an anti-shearing system.
  • The E5 BT A12: is compliant with EN16005 standard for motorized pedestrian doors and has a fast opening and closing maneuver, from 4.5 to 6.5 seconds, slow-down included, without using any additional safety device.
  • The operator has a maximum leaf weight of 80kg and 1.2m wide.
  • The E5 A12 also has a number of useful features including a push and go function which allows the gate to be opened by pushing by hand.
  • The TCA automatic closing feature means that the gate will close after each use.
  • Multi-resident or commercial sites: The E5 BT A12 is idea for apartment block installations or public buildings, with features such as remote opening from inside the building and the ability to set the gate to close automatically after opening, preventing it being left open.
Single Kit
Double Kit
E5 BT A operators
Thalia L control panel and receiver
Mitto radio transmitters
Pair Compacta photocells
Radio antenna

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