CAME BPT DCC/08 VR Digital Audio Entry Panel

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CAME BPT DCC/08 VR Digital Audio Entry Panel

  • CAME BPT DCC/08 VR Digital Audio Entry Panel
  • A stainless steel entry panel that is particularly robust and highly functional
  • The best possible use of internal and external space, as well as the numerous functions made possible by the digital pushbutton panel
  • DIGITHA offers unparalleled performance and ultra-compact design
  • The sophisticated XiP digital control system is the ideal solution for residential systems
  • Attractive and elegant, DIGITHA is pleasing to the senses, with a dual finish – brushed and matt – that will delight both the eye and the touch.
  • Audio entry panel with front plate in stainless steel and dual-finish surface, circuit board for XiP system.
  • RFID reader.
  • LCD graphic display, 128×128 pixels, with white backlit screen.
  • 4 function keys for navigating user commands and lists, alphanumeric keypad, 2 function keys for sending coded calls and access code confirmation
  • Built-in proximity key reader
  • “Quick Start” programming of all parameters using on-screen guided menus. Mini USB connector for programming using the software tool.
  • DIP-switches for adjustment of the line impedance.
  • Local command for door lock, inputs for door lock release button, door status signalling devices, output connector for activation of external cameras.
  • Blue LEDs (8) for backlighting of keys with name label.
  • LEDs for visual control of the status of the system: red “call connected” LED, gren “door open” LED, yellow “call in progress” LED, blue “system busy” LED.Protection rating IP 54.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 140x380x2 mm


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VR Digital Audio Entry Panel
VR Digital Audio Entry Panel

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