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CAME BPT Lithos Audio Entry Panel

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CAME BPT Lithos Audio Entry Panel

  • CAME BPT Lithos Audio Entry Panel
  • Thermoplastic body with Stainless steel finishing
  • Circuit board for X1 System, microphone and loudspeaker
  • IP54 rated
  • Adjustment of microphone / loudspeaker volume and door lock release time
  • Local command for door lock, inputs for door lock release buttons
  • Blue LED’s for backlighting of the push button with name label
  • Manual or software programming via PC
  • Lithos can be fitted with single or double pushbuttons for a single family or two family system
  • Replacement of pushbuttons is quick and easy , with having to remove external surround
Dimensions هW(mm) هH (mm) هD(mm)
Wall-mounted 99 207 30
Recessed 135 243 6.5

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