CAME BPT Thangram Audio Entry Panel

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  • For panels supporting XIP System
  • Thangram is BPT’s line of modular entry panels
  • Ultra-Slim design
  • Wall-mounted (25mm) or recessed (2mm)
  • Possibility of creating any type of entry panel by combining just 7 elements
  • IP54 Rated
  • Available in Circuit board for XIP system, microphone and loud speaker
  • Adjustment of microphone / loudspeaker volume and door lock release time
  • Simple connection using pre-wired flat cables (supplied as standard) and USB connector for programming with software tool
  • Local command for door lock, input for door lock release buttons
  • Door status signalling devices
  • Output connector for activation of external cameras
  • Blue LEDs (8) for backlighting of keys with name label
  • LEDs for Visual control of status of the system: RED ‘ call connected’, GREEN ‘door open‘, YELLOW ‘call in progress‘, BLUE ‘ system busy
  • Superb Audio – special processing of audio signal guarantees excellent performance even in the noisiest areas
  • Acoustic and visual signalling of the status and operation of the system makes this simple to use for the elderly and for those with problems of hearing or eyesight
  • Up to 500 different codes can be handled by manual programming, and up to 1500 by programming with software tools.

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Product Variants

XiP Audio Entry panel
Thermoplastic body in Satin-finish chrome
XIP Audio Entry panel
Thermoplastic body finished in Greyhound Grey & decor panel in Aluminium

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