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DAITEM Wireless D’Cell 1 Way Audio Kit

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  • DAITEM Wireless D’Cell 1 Way Audio Kit
  • Wireless audio kit
  • Built in Proximity reader
  • New Optwin radio transmission allows greater audio clarity
  • The entry panel features an intergrated antenna, which makes the panel sturdy
  • Simple and straightforward installation, no need for cbling between the panel and handset
  • Multilingual handset
  • Simple use with only “Answer and “Door release” as the main buttons
  • The LCD screen provides information feedback on the status of entrances, such as door/gate status, temperature, time and date
  • Easier controls for up to 4 entrances
  • Control up to 32 extra remote wireless devices
  • Multilingual handset
  • Option to associate different ring tones per entrances


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Audio Entry Kit
1 button caller unit with proximity reader

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