FAAC 780 D Control Board & Upgrade Kit


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  • Power supply voltage 230V 3ph
  • Motor max load 1000 W
  • Accessory max current  500 mA
  • Accessory power supply 230 Vac
  • Two protection fuses
  • 844 MPS Upgrade kit to 780D (for replacing control board on units older than 2003)

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Technical Specifications

780 D (intergrated in the gearmotor)
Separated (connection to fasten on the printed circuit)
Power supply voltage
230 V ac (+6%-10%) 50 (60) Hz
Absorbed power
10 A
Motor max. load
1000 W
Accessories max. load
0.5 A
Operating ambient temp
-20°C to +55°C
Protection class
Function logics
Automatic/ 'Stepped' Automatic/ Semi-automatic/ 'Stepped' semi-automatic/ Safety/ Semi-automatic B/ 'Dead man' C/ B/C mixed logic
Work Time
Programmable (0 to 4 min)
Pause time
Programmable (0 to 4 min)
Thrust power
Adjustable on 50 levels
Terminal board inputs
Open - Partial Open- Opening safety devices - Closing safety devices- Stop - Edge - Power supply & Earth
Connector inputs
Opening & closing limit switches, motor capacitor
Terminal board outputs
Flashing lamp/ Motor/ 24Vdc Accessories power supply/ 24Vdc Indicator light/ Timed output/ Electric lock control/ traffic light/ Failsafe
Rapid connector
5-pin fitting for minidec cards, Decoder or RP receivers
3 keys/+, -, F) & display, 'basic' & 'advanced' mode
'Basic' mode programmable functions
Function logics - pause time - thrust power - Opening/Closing direction
'Advanced' mode programmable functions
Torque at initial thrust - Brake - Failsafe - Pre-flashing - Indicator light/ Timed output/ Electric lock at opening & closing/ Logic for safety devices at opening & closing - Encoder/ Anti-crushing sensitivity- Decelerations - Partial opening time - Work time - Service request - Cycle counter
Status signalling
On display

Product Variants

780 D
Control board
844 MPS
844 MPS Upgrade kit to 780D

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