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Fixed Bollard- 600mm or 800mm

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FAAC J275 Fixed Bollard

  • High impact and weather resistant metal cylinder.
  • Piston mechanism.
  • Available in two heights: 600mm and 800mm.
  • Painted or Stainless Steel versions.
  • Activity can be signalled by built – buzzer and LED outer ring, according to position.
  • Standard decent time 2.8 sec, with extra decent time allowing just 1 sec!
  • Bollard covers multiple uses: it marks the boundaries of pedestrian zones during peal times or permanently.
  • IP 67 Protection class
  • Mobile drive unit, extractable by handle for ease of maintenance.
  • Cylinder slides on double rail to provide better stability in raising and lowering.
  • Additional mechanical release included.
  • Round-section pit to optimize digging works.
  • FAAC JE 275 control board able to manage up to four bollards per exit/entrance.
  • Fixed bollards available.

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