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Fadini Fit 55 Photocells Partial or Surface


£55.58 exc VAT

  • Modulated infrared photocells
  • Compact and modern design, recess and surface mounted. All of the electronic components are protected inside a water-tight
  • Simple to install thanks to a complete range of fitting accessories: lateral support, posts of vaious heights (0.50-0.75 – 1.20m), size adaptor and ABS casing to recess
  • 12V/24V AC/DC power supply
  • 15m distance range
  • Supplied as a pair

Product Options

Photocell Surface
Fit 55 Photocell, surface mounted, max. range 30m
Photocell Partially Recessed
Fit 55 Photocell, partially recessed mounted, max. range 30m

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Modulated light frequency
1,100 Hz
Power supply
12 V or 24 V AC/DC
Projector absorption
26 mA
Receiver absorption
28 mA
Working temperature
-20ºC +70ºC
Output contact
1 A -0 125 V - 60 VA max
Distance range (*)
15m (*distance range decreases by approx. 30-50% in case of Fog, Rain and Dusts
Obstacle detection time
6 ms
Protection standards

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