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Fadini VIX 53

Plug-in or Stand-alone Receivers


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  • Fadini VIX 53 Transmitters Receivers
  • Rolling code secure encoding with 128 bit algorithm. Plug-in and stand alone options of the radio receiver, up to 4 channels. Removable memory without loss of codes, up to 2000 users max. Distance 250m (open space)
  • Transceiver transmission of the radio signal is a bidirectional type, with transmitter feedback confirming reception of the radio receiver signal
  • Radio Link distance extension of the radio signal emitted by a transmitter by creating a radio link between the radio receivers
  • Access Customisation by means of the RED VIX 53 equipment allowing for protection keycodes to be encoded on the transmitters and memories of the radio receivers
  • SoftVIXare for database and management of complex installation

Management of installations becomes easy and handy

Management of installations becomes easy and handy from ones office it is possible to program and encode the transmitters and send them directly to the final user. A transmitter can be easily copied without the rasio receiver being necessarily nearby.

Radio Receiver
Working frequency
Distance Range
250 m
Power supply
12/24 Vac and 12/24 Vdc (VIX 53/1 R) 24 Vac and 24 Vdc (VIX 53/2 R)
Max. absorption
73 mA
No of channels
1 - 4
Working Teperature
-10ºC +55ºC
Protection standard of the weather proof casing, stand alone
2000 Users

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