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NICE Robus 400 Operator


£442.98 exc VAT

  • NICE Robus 400 24v Operator
  • Sliding gates up to 400kg
  • 24v
  • Nice BlueBUS technology enables power and control a max of seven couples of photocells from ERA series using two wires
  • Control unit and PS124 buffer battery(optional) can be connected by means of simple connector, can be house directly inside ROBUS
  • RB400 is equipped with a temperature sensor: adapt the motor power to the climate conditions and same time terminal cut-out
  • A master/slave section automatically synchronizes two motors
  • Self diagnosis by means of flashing light
  • 8 programming levels
  • Obstacle detection and automatic programming of the working times
  • Slow down
  • Base and release in pressure die cast aluminium and epoxy paint finish
  • Dimensions (mm) 330x195x277 h
  • Weight 8 kg
  • Force 400N
  • IP protection 44
  • Very quiet gearmotor on bearings

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