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  • For sectional doors and two-wings sliding doors up to 35 m²
  • 24 Vdc electromechanical gear motor with absolute encoder
  • Perfect for intensive use
  • Compact, particularly in width, in order to make assembly easy in any position
  • Sumo can be fitted directly onto shaft of sectional doors
  • perfect for 025.4mm shafts and can also be used with 31.75 – 3540 mm shafts thanks to the CRA9 adapter

Many different functions with the separate Mindy A924

  • Memorization of limit switch positions on opening and closing
  • Gradual departure and slowdown during closing
  • Integrated battery charge card with optional battery power supply in the event of power failures easy programming by pressing a single button
  • pause time programming and speed adjustment
  • “service” warning light for maintenance

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