VIDEX ‘True’ 2-wire Bus Video kits with PROX

ESVKX -Surface/ Flush & 6000 series monitors


£522.43£929.80 exc VAT

  • VIDEX 2 ‘True’ two wire video kits
  • Ideal for one to one installations or low-rise apartment blocks (up to 12 units)
    * can be expanded up to max 8 entrances, (additional 2301N multiple entrance switchers required)
  • Available in Flush or Surface kits
  • Proximity reader (ESVKX) or keypad (ESVKC) option
  • Selection of different video phone options
    6200 Series – 3.5″ Videophone
    6300 Series – 3.5″ Handsfree
    6400 Series – 4.3″ Handsfree
    6700 Series  – 7″ Handsfree
  • Key features
    Integrated day/night colour camera with 4 illumination LED’s
    13º camera tilt adjustment
    Includes an external camera input
    DDA compliant call progress LED’s (busy, call, speak & door open) & reassurance tones
    Privacy feature
    Built-in lock relay with capacitor discharge output option
    Camera recall function
    Adjustable microphone, speaker & balance adjustments
    Intercommunication facility between videophones in different rooms or apartments.
  • Proximity access control available to support up to 50 programmable users using VIDEX 955/T proximity fobs or 955/C proximity cards

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