VIDEX GSM Software

Support 3G & 4G GSM Products

£32.91 exc VAT

  • Suitable for Videx 4000 series GSM4K & GM4KCR range, the Vandal Resistant GSMVRK & GSMVRKC range, the Digital GSM (4812 series) and the VX2200 GSM interface module.
  • PC Requirements: Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) or later & .NET 4 framework
  • To connect from a laptop or PC (via micro USB) to program the call buttons or apartment numbers (depending on the GSM system) as well as other features unique to the GSM system being installed
  • Program call button numbers including divert numbers
  • Program dial to open numbers
  • ¬†Adjust time settings such as call time, relay time, auxiliary times and modes
  • Adjust general settings including speech volumes
  • Program user fob/card numbers
  • Program access codes (when networked with the 4903 keypad)
  • View logged events
  • Design a custom logo for digital panel display
  • Program access control timebands and access levels
  • Program free access timebands
  • Update GSM module firmware with use of bootloader
  • Remote “over the air” programming feature

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