BFT MURA Photocells

Recessed - 30m Range


£45.42 exc VAT

  • MURA is a recessed photocell
  • Compact size 72mm²
  • Range 30m
  • Lens cover protrudes 14mm from wall or pillar
  • Powered with a wide range of voltage supplies, 12-33Vac 50/60Hz and 15-35Vdc
  • Front cover can be clicked into place without screws
  • There is the option to adjust the angle of the optics using three screws to align the receiving and transmitting photocells.
  • The Mura can be connected with all BFT control boards that provide for verified management of safeties
  • Compatible with the previous CELLULA 50 and FOTO-I photocells.
Power supply voltage
 12 - 33Vac 15 - 35Vdc
Current demand
Tx = 20mA Rx = 30mA
 Protection rating
 Operating temperature range
 -20 / +55°C

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