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Chain & Belt Guides

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CAME VER Chain and Belt Guides

BC = Counter weighted overhead garage door

BM = Spring balanced overhead garage door

STA = Sectional door with single guide

STB = Sectional door with double guide

BELT GUIDES – for doors with max surface  of 15m²
Max door height:

  • V0685L = 3.02m. BC =2.4m. BM =2.25m. STA =2.1m. STB =2.2m.
  • V0686 L = 3.52m. BM =2.75m. STA =2.6m. STB =2.7m.
  • V0688L = 4.02m. BM =3.25m. STA =3.1m. STB =3.2m.
  • V0687L = 3.02m. in two pieces. BC =2.4m. BM =2.25m. STA =2.1m. STB =2.2m.

Max door height:

  • V0679 – L = 3.02m. BC = 2.4m. BM =2.25m. STA =2.1m. STB =2.2m.
  • V0682 – L = 3.02m. BM =2.75m. STA =2.1m. STB =2.7m.
  • V0683 – L = 4.02m. BM =3.25m. STA =3.1m. STB =3.2m.
  • V0684 – L = 3.02m. in two pieces. BC =2.4m. BM =2.25m. STA =2.1m. STB =2.2m
  • *V005 – L = 1.42m. Extension for chain type guide : Vo679.V0682.V0683 & V0684


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