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FAAC 624 BLD Control Board


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  • FAAC 624 BLD Control Board
  • 230 V supply for 24V motor
  • FAAC 640/620 Barrier Control board
  • Work time – Programmable (0-4 min)
  • Pause time – Programmable (0-4 min)
  • Board Inputs – Loop 1, Loop 2, Open -Close – Stop- Closing safety devices- Emergency – 230 Vac power supply and Earth
  • Connector Inputs – Open and Close Limit Switches, Motor Capacitor, beam release sensor
  • Board Outputs – Motor, Flashing light, Fan, 24 Vdc power supply, fail safe, status output, 24 Vdc indicator light, BUS

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Control board
624 BLD

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624 BLD
Power supply voltage
230 V ac (+6% -10%) 50 (60) Hz
Absorbed power
7 W
Motor max. load
300 W
Accessories power supply
24 Vdc
MAX. accessories current
Operating ambient temp
-20°C to +55°C
Protection fuses
F1=F 5A-250V F2=T 0.8A-250V
Function logics
Automatic, Automatic 1, Semi-automatic, parking, parking-Automatic, Condominium, Condominium-Automatic, FAAC bollard, Dead man, Remote, Custom
Work Time
Programmable (0 to 4 min)
Pause time
Programmable (0 to 4 min)
Motor thrust
Programmable on 50 levels
Terminal board inputs
Loop 1, Loop 2, Open, Close, Closing safety devices, Stop, Emergency, 230Vac power supply & Earth
Connector inputs
Opening & closing limit switches, motor capacitor, beam release sensor
Terminal board outputs
Flashing light, fan, motor, 24 Vdc power supply, fail-safe, status output, 24 Vdc indicator light, BUS
Rapid connector
5-pin fitting for Minidec card, decoder or RP/RP2 receiver
3 keys/+, -, F) & display
Programmable functions
Logic, Pause time, Thrust, Loop 1 & 2, Torque at initial thrust, Pre-flashing, Slow closing, Deceleration time, Work time, Indicator light output, Fail-safe output, Status output, BUS output, Service Request (cycle counter)
Programmable outputs
4 Programmable outputs in 18 different functions
Built-in detector, 2 independent channels
Real time auto-calibration, sensitivity independent from loop geometry, loop operating frequency adjustment, message of 'busy loop' with LED display, loop status addressable to programmable outputs, adjustment time over 2 levels.

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