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Control Board


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FAAC E124 Control Board

  • Power supply voltage 230Vac
  • Absorbed power 4 W Stand-by approx 400 W max
  • Motor max current 7 A
  • Accessory power supply 24Vdc
  • Accessory max current 500 mA 24Vdc – 500 mA BUS – 2 Easy
  • 26 programmable functions
  • Pause time programmable (from 0 – 10min)
  • Work time programmable (from 0-10min)
E124 Control board with Housing
E124 Control board only
E124 Switching Power supply
Power supply voltage
230 V ac (+6% -10%) 50 (60) Hz
Absorbed power
4W Stand-by apporox 400W max.
Motor max. current
7 A
Accessory power supply
24 Vdc
Accessory max. current
500mA 24Vdc - 500mA BUS - 2 Easy
Operating ambient temp
-20°C to +55°C
Protection fuses
power card 2.5A? control board self resetting
Function logics
Automatic (A), Semi-automatic (E), Automatic 1(A1), Stepped automatic (AP), Dead man (C), Automatic safety (S), Stepped safety (SP), Stepped semi-automatic (EP), Semi-automatic (B), Mixed logic (BC), Custom (Customisable, programmable via PC))
Work Time
Programmable (0 to 10min)
Pause time
Programmable (0 to 10min)
Motor power
Adjustable over 50 levels
BUS 2 Easy, Inputs completely programmable via PC, Inputs for 4 limit switches
2 Programmable multifunction outputs
Rapid connectors
OMNIDEC( XF868), 5 Pin board connection for Minidec, decoder, RP/RP2 receiver
3 keys( +,-,F) & LCD dispaly, via PC with USB cable, via PC
Programmable functions
Logic, pause time A, pause time B, thrust, speed, deceleration spaces, leaf delay, wind-proof facility, reverse stroke, soft-touch, stroke at opening & closing, initial thrust, deceleration speed, indicator lamp, fail-safe,programming of 2 Easy devices, service request, power-safe, battery charger timer function, battery operation, clock,time-out, pre-flashing time, motor type, encoder sensitivity
Adjustable over 10 levels

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