FAAC LED Traffic Light



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FAAC LED Traffic Lights

  • Red and Green 24V LED traffic light including brackets for surface mounting and LED cards.
  • Developed to reduce energy costs and provide a longer average lamp life.
  •  PCB with LED lights with reduced energy consumption on and lower maintenance costs of up to 80%
  •  Average life 10 times greater than that of a normal lamp.
  •  LED lights have a monochromatic beam of light .
  • With an LED light the traffic light is safer as the LED light uses a technology with Independent Illuminating Elements, this means that even if one of the lights stops working the rest go on working separately and they can be repaired too.
  • Power supply: 24Vdc120mm light surface.
  • Mounting Pole 3m Height, 60mm Diameter
  • Mounting Bracket for TLIGHT

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