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Fadini Elpro S50

Control panel for TALOS M50

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  • Fadini Elpro S50 Control Panel
  • Single phase electronic controller ELPRO S50 is fitted with power contactors and is designed for the bollard type TALOS M50
  • The housing box is made of polyester
  • IP65 grade if protection
  • With door and inner metal plate
  • All programmable functions included
  • Automatic or Semi Automatic modes of operation
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Luminous diagnostics by LEDs
  • Seperated connectin for the capacitors
  • Preset to take control card for traffic lights with 2/3 lights
  • External time clock
  • ELPRO S50 – T1 model to control No. 1 Talos M50
  • ELPRO S50 – T2 model to control No.1 Talos M50
  • ELPRO S50 – T3 model to control No.3 Talos M50

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