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Fadini ORBITA 57 Photocells



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  • 12V/24V AC/DC power supply
  • Multiple solutions in a single photocell
  • Practical and quick to respond to three different safety devices
  • Reduces the time and costs of installation
  • Can be either hard wired or by 2 batteries type AAA
  • LED alignment for perfect centering of the beam.
  • 200º adjustable on the horizontal axis. Innovative and stylish, compact and design 43 98 42 mm to fit any space and application requirements.
  • 15m distance range – 8m when battery supplied
  • Synchronise to provide a protection barrier free from interference up o 7 pairs. The transmitter can be combined with a mechanical safety edge to reach a safety level in compliance with the EN 12453 Norms
Power Supply
2 x 1,5 AAA or 12V/24V AC/DC
Transmitter absorption
11 mA - 55 uA (by battery)
Receiver absorption
16 mA
Protection standards
Working temperature
-20ºC +80ºC
Distance range (*)
6m (by battery) - 15m
Max rotation
Output contact
1 A - 125 V - 60 VA max
Battery life
About 2 years
Recommended cable section
Inferior to 0,5 mm²
distance decreases by approx. 30-50% in case of Fog, Rain or dusts

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