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Fadini Trifo 11 Photocells



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Modulated infrared photocells

  • Easy to install
  • Slimline (44 x 25 x 76mm)
  • Designed to take up minimal space
  • enclosed in a hard shell case
  • Surface mounted or mounted on an aluminium post
  • 8m distance range
Power Supply
24 AC/DC
Projector absorption
55 mA
Receiver absorption
35 mA
Working temperature
-20ºC - +70ºC
Relay contact rating
1 A - 125V - 60 VA max
Infrared modulated light
1.500 Hz
Two relays
Distance range (*)
8m (*distance range increases by approx 30-50% in case of Fog, Rain or Dusts
Obstacle detecting time
6 ms
Protection standards
weight of one pair TRIFO 11
Complete package of posts

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