SKU: AF43S- AF868

CAME AF43S – AF868 plug-in radio card

433.92 or 868.35 MHz


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  • 433.92 and 868.35 MHz Plug-in radio frequency cards
  • For completing the receiving circuit fitted in all CAME  control cards, while enabling it to receive radio signals coming from CAME transmitters
  • Fitted with EEprom memory capable of storing up to 128 different codes
  • Transforms the normal single user receivers into multi-user
  • Quick system maintenance (deletion/restoring/addition or editing)
  • Particularly suitable for applications in blocks of flats where communal facilities (barrier or entrance gate) coexist with individual facilities (garage door)
  • Includes a back-up board for creating a back up copy of all 128 codes entered
  • Dip switches for code & function selection
  • Function enabling button
  • Red and Green signalling LED
  • Plug-in connector on receivers

AF43S– 433.92 MHz plug-in radio frequency card
AF43SR – 433.92 MHz plug-in radio frequency card for max. 25 rolling code
AF43TW – 433.92 MHz plug-in radio frequency card for Twin remotes

AF868 – 868.35 MHz plug-in radio frequency card

AF43S / AF868
Power supply (V)
Current draw (mA)
Encoding type
Operating temperature (°C)
-20 to+55
Sensitivity (dBm)

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