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VIDEX GSM 4000 Series modules

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  • VIDEX GSM 4000 Series modules
  • GSM Door entry employ mobile phone technology to operate automatic gates, doors or remote sites installations.
  • The GSM/amplifier is self contained and only requires an external power supply and antenna.
  • Available from a 1 button to a 50 button system
  • Allows user or users to call entry panel at no charge to the caller
  • Each button on the door can be programmed with two telephone numbers (expandable to 5 on the 4810N, allowing system to divert call if number is busy or not answered)
  • Programming unit is carried out using SMS text messaging or by USB interface to PC.
  • Mirror Finish Available

Product Options

0 Call Button
0 call button (expandable up to 50 buttons)
1 Call Button
1 call button (expandable up to 50 buttons)
2 Call Button
2 call button (expandable up to 50 buttons)

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