Control panel for swing gates


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  • Multi-function 230V control panel for swing gates
  • Built in radio receiver
  • Control devices & Accessories run on 24V
  • Provides and controls the following functions:
    – Automatic closing
    – Pre-flashing by the movement indicator light
    – Obstruction detection when gate is not moving at any point
    – Adjustment of the connected operator’s torque
    – Fixed slow down of 10 seconds with adjustable speed
    – Manageable limit switches
  • Settable control modes are
    – opening/closing
    – opening/closing in maintained action
    – partial opening
    – total stop
  • The photocells, after detecting an obstruction, may trigger
    – re opening if the gate is closing
    – the closing or partial stop if opening
  • Specific trimmers regulate:
    – the automatic closing’s intervention time
    – gearmotor M2’s closing delay
    – the operating time
  • Can also connect:
    – gate-open warning lights
    – cycle lights
    – electric lock

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