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FAAC E145 S Control Board


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  • FAAC E145 Control Board
  • Designed to control both swing and sliding gates for vehicle and pedestrian access
  • The E145 comes with Safezone technology – obstacle detection and reversal on contact (when optional encoder is used)
  • Greentech are solutions which save 90% of power compared to traditional systems
  • Board able to adapt automatically adapt to different input voltage (from 90V to 260V)
  • Added connectivity – the new boards support BUS 2EASY and can be programmed from a PC/MAC0
  • Can automatically find the deceleration and stop points during setup when using the Safecoder with physical stops
  • In event of power failure the optional absolute encoder keeps leaf position memorised
  • It has embedded radio decoding in order to support only original FAAC transmitters (up to 1600 radio codes)
  • It also has a 5 pin connector for plugging existing radio controls
  • Built in timer (programmed via a PC)
  • Traditional and BUS photocell inputs

2 programming levels are available from the board (BASIC and ADVANCED), using buttons and LCD display, 3rd level from PC.

This board allows you the programming using PC or MAC, connected via USB_B or X-COM module. With the Easyboard programming software (downloaded from FAAC site) you can choose whether to follow the wizard guided installation or customise your system in all its parts. The board is prepared ready for future communication modules

* Function that can be enable from a PC/MAC


E145 S
Mains primary power supply
Power supply switching from 90V~ to 260V~ , 50/60Hz
Power absorbed from mains
standy- by = 4W, sleep <24*, Max ~ 400W
MAX. load for motors
800 W
Accessories power supply
24 V
MAX. accessories current
Operating ambient temp
-20°C to +55°C
Power supply safety fuses
Work time
self learned through SETUP - (max 4 min & 10sec)
Pause time
Programmable (0 to 9 min & 50sec)
Motor power
Programmable on 50 levels
Connector inputs
Decoder/minidec/RP,X-com, XF433/868 Module, USB-A, USB-B
Terminal board inputs
Mains power suply from 90 to 260V~inputs from IN1 to IN5, limit switch, BUS-2EASY
Terminal board outputs
Flashing lamp, Motors, Electric lock (LOCK1 & LOCK2)OUT1 & OUT2(programmable), Accessories power supply2

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