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  • A951 Automatic operator allows control opening & closing internal door
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to program & set-up
  • Leaf width from 700mm – 1100mm
  • Easy to install with simple fixing plate
  • Slim &  light weight, only 62mm high
  • European Standard EN 16005 compliant
  • Speed & Force programmed according to size of door
  • Door pairs or double leaf entrances can be automated using master/slave configuration
  • *Kit has Aluminium cover and articulated push arm or Slide track standard pulling arm for door leaf over 800mm
  • Aesthetically pleasing back-up battery option-  390116
Power Supply Voltage
220-240 V - 50/60 Hz
Max. Power
100 W
Use Frequency
Motor powered at 24V
Max. accessories load
1A - 24 V
Electric lock power supply voltage
24V / 500mA Max
Dimensions (LxHxD)
575x60x70 mm
7 Kg
Operation in case of power cut
Manual push/pull opening
Max. leaf opening angle
100° ÷ 125°
Opening leaf time
4 ÷ 10 s (Adjustable)
Closing leaf time
4 ÷ 10 s (Adjustable)
Partial opening adjustment
Standard (Adjustable)
Pause time
0 ÷ 30 s
Night pause time
0 ÷ 90 s
As Standard
Operating Ambient temperature
-20°C ÷ +55°C
Protection Class
IP 23

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