Fadini COMBI 787

Hydraulic Operator


£837.00 exc VAT

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  • The Fadini COMBI 787 is an oil-hydraulic underground operator for large industrial or commercial swing gates.
  • Oil -hydraulic motor pump and jack in a single enclosure.
  • Gate supporting foundation box made from 5mm thick and galvanised steel ensuring resistance to corrosion.
  • Possible to fit in mechanical gate stops adjustable in open & closed gate positions.
  • Stainless steel option available.
  • Zinc coated steel inner driving arms.
  • The operator can be installed or removed without having to remove the gate.
  •  110º gate rotation with Double-locking (irreversible) & Braking
  •  Up to 1000kg gate weight max. per leaf
  • Max gate width 6m per leaf
  • Anti-crush safety ensured by the by pass valves fitted on to the operator
  • Pressed steel emergency bracket , easy to operate from inside and outside gate.
Power Supply
230V AC - 50Hz
Absorbed power (W)
Absorbed current (A)
Power output (kW / HP)
0,24 / 0.33
250-400 Nm
Working temperature
- 20°C ÷+80 °C
Protection Standard
IP 67
Oil type
Fadini Oil 708L
Opening/closing time
~ 23s (110°)
Frequency of use
Weight with enclosure
34 kg

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