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Fadini Elpro 35M and 35S Control Panel


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  • Fadini Elpro 35M and 35S Control Panel
  • Suitable for Swinging gates
  • For use with 230V operators only.
  • Single Phase with 24V dc Output.
  • Facility to plug-in a radio receiver to give access via a mini transmitter.
  • Inputs and outputs for safety, access control & visual indicators.
  • Pedestrian opening
  • LED indicators provided to assist fault finding and commissioning.
  • System can be set to operate in fully automatic mode
  • Suitable for plug-in traffic light board

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Elpro 35M
Elpro 35M Control Panel
Elpro 35S
Elpro 35S Control Panel

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Single phase PCB power supply
230 V ±10% 50Hz
Three phase PCB power supply
Max. power of motors
Courtesy light output
24 V - 50mA max
Photocells/Keyswitch/Radio receiver output
24 V DC - 500mA max
Pilot light output
24 V - 1W
DSA control output
24 V DC/AC
Flasher output
24 V DC/AC
Motor run time
Dwell time
1 - 120S
Closing gate delay time
Pedestrian opening time
Frequency of use
Impact resistance
Breakout resistance
-20ºC +55ºC

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