NICE Spykit 550

Sectional & Up-&-Over


£331.01 exc VAT

  • For sectional doors up to 9m² or up-&-over doors (inc canopy doors) up to 10.5m²
  • 24vdc Irreversible electromechanical gearmotor
  • Residential use
  • Separate control unit
  • Built-in courtesy light
  • Three keys to control automation
  • Moves on rail – no chains or other noisy mechanisms
  • Simple & fast basic programming using Quick Setup procedure.
  • Simplified advanced programming using O-View
  • On/Off release system – Pulling knob once releases motor, pull second time to lock
  • Inexpensive to run consuming only 1.5W when connected to mains in standby position.
  • Obstacle detection during travel, diagnostic messages via flashing light & courtesy light.
  • Adjustable acceleration & deceleration at the start & end of each manoeuvre

To be combined with

  • SPYRAIL321 – 1 x 3.2m rail with assembly accessories
  • SPYRAIL162 – 2 x 1.6m rails with assembly accessories
  • SPYRAIL081 – 0.8m extension with assembly accessories (to add to other rail to reach length 4m)
Single Kit
Double Kit
SPY550 N Gearbox motor
SPYBOX Control unit with built-in courtesy light & receiver
433.92 Transmitter -2 channels

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