Control panel for swing gates


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  • CAME ZM3EZ  Multi function Control Panel


  • Self-diagnosing safety devices
  • Pre-flashing when opening & closing
  • Re-opening during closing
  • Closing again during opening
  • Obstruction wait
  • Total Stop
  • Partial Stop
  • Obstruction Detection in front of photocells
  • Encoder


  • Pedestrian opening 1 leaf
  • Partial opening 1 leaf
  • Open only from transmitter and/or button
  • Only open or only Close button
  • Open-Stop-Close-Stop from the transmitter and/or button
  • Maintained action
  • Delayed opening 1st leaf
  • Delayed opening 2nd leaf


  • Flashing light connection
  • Cycle light connection
  • Courtesy light connection
  • Antenna
  • Open alert light connection
  • Contact output for 2nd Radio Channel
  • Self-learning of the transmitters Radio code
  • Operating time adjustment
  • Connection for the Electric Lock and/or Ramming
  • Sleep Mode
  • Adjustable Automatic Closing Again Time
  • Opening and/or Closing slow downs
  • Adjustable Travel & Slow Down speeds
  • Graphic Display
  • Self-learning opening & closing limit switches
  • Compatible with CONNECT technology
  • Designed to fit RIO System 2.0
  • CRP control
  • Energy Savings control (001RGP1)




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