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FAAC E614 Control board


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Control board for FAAC 614 24V Barrier

  • Equipped with power supply switching, display programming, BUS 2easy technology and OMNIDEC
  • Compatible with XF433/XF868 quick insert module


Power supply voltage
230 V - 50(60) Hz
Motor max power
150 W
Max accessories load
500 mA
Accessores power supply
24 V
LED display and buttons
Operating logic
Programmable functions
Logic, pause time, Opening/Closing power, Work time, Cycle counter for service, service request, warning light output, Failsafe output, Beam LED lighting output, traffice light head output, battery operation, pre-flashing time, Stop, exits delay, Master-Slave
Work Time
Programmable (0 to 9.5min)
Pause Time
Programmable (0 to 9.5min)
Thrust power
Programmable on 50 levels
Speed adjustment
Programmable on 10 levels
Terminal board inputs
Loop 1, Loop 2,Close, Stop, Emergency, Battery, BUS 2asy, Power supply
Terminal board outputs
24V flashing lamp, Motor, Accessories supply 24V, 4 programmable outputs
Rapid connector
XF433/868 Module for OmniDEC decoding, USB, Traffic light indicator head, Beam LED lighting
Protection fuses
1(2.5A) + self-resetting fuses
Operating ambient temperature
-20°C to 55°C

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