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  • FAAC E721 Control Board
  • For C720 and C721
  • Power supply voltage 230Vac
  • Absorbed power 10 W
  • Motor max load 10 A
  • Motor power is programmable over 50 levels
  • Accessory max current  500 mA
  • Accessory power supply 24Vdc
  • Speed is programmable over 10 levels
E 721
Power supply voltage
230 V ac (+6% -10%) 50 Hz
Absorbed power
10 W
Motor max. load
10 A
Accessory power supply
24 Vdc
Accessory max. current
Operating ambient temp
-20°C to +55°C
Protection fuses
F1= TIA - 250V~
Function logics
Automatic, Automatic /Semi-automatic/ Automatic Timer, Automatic with reverse Pause/ Parking automatic/ Dead man/ Automatic safety/ ' Stepped' safety /' Stepped' semi-automatic/ Semi-automatic/ Mixed logic
Work Time
Programmable (0 to 9 min & 50sec)
Pause time
Programmable (0 to 9 min & 50sec)
Motor power
Programmable on 50 levels
BUS 2 Easy 5 inputs (open A, open B/close, stop, safety device at opening, safety device at closure) Stop or Open B/Close can be programmed as safety edge inputs
1 programmable output 24V, 100mA (fail-safe, alarm, indicator light, courtesy light, activated with 2-channel radio, flashing lamp
Rapid connectors
OMNIDEC (XF 433 or XF 868)
3 keys (+, -, F) & LCD display
Programmable functions
Logic, Pause time A, Pause time B, Thrust, Opening speed, Closing speed, Deceleration spaces, Pre-flashing, Operating safety devices logic, Closing safety devices logic, Obstacle sensitivity, Partial opening, cycle counter, master & slave function
Programmable over 10 levels

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